As an alternative to the Offer in Compromise (OIC) program, if you find yourself with a tax debt to the IRS and/or the State of Vermont that you are unable to pay in full at one time, you might consider requesting a payment plan.   The IRS offers several types of payment plans, called Installment Agreements… Read More

If you find yourself with a tax debt to the IRS that you are unable to pay, one possible solution is the Offer in Compromise.  Under this program, the taxpayer submits an application, IRS Form 656, together with detailed financial information to the IRS.  The taxpayer offers to settle the outstanding debt for a lesser… Read More

As practitioners of a full service tax resolution firm, we work with taxpayers who are behind on their taxes on a regular basis.  There are many reasons that taxpayers find themselves in this predicament. Some have life-changing events, some feel that they owe so much that they cannot deal with it, and some don’t worry… Read More

Settling your taxes is inevitable if you want a normal day to day life instead of living with a stressful burden. The most important action to take is  to file your returns even if you cannot pay. Doing this avoids the failure to file penalty which is quite steep. The second action to take is… Read More