Payroll and Related Tax and Compliance Filings

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Introducing a Payroll Service you can trust

We can provide you with a full-service payroll experience at cost effective rates.  We can guarantee that your payroll will be accurate, timely and hassle free.  Our high-quality payroll service is customized for you and your business.  There’s nothing better than personal attention.

Federal and State Tax Deposits and Filings

  • We complete your federal and state payroll filings for you, including quarterlies, year end forms
    and W-2’s.
  • W-2s including electronic filing with SSA at no additional charge
  • State new hire and employer registration forms

You and your employees will be pleased

  • On payday, paychecks can be handed out, or they can be electronically deposited into employee bank accounts with our free Direct Deposit service.
  • Your employees will love Direct Deposit.  No more trips to the bank!
  • We provide professional pay stubs detailing the current as well as year-to-date amounts
  • All common pay types such as hourly wages, tips and commissions are supported.
  • Voluntary deductions are also handled, such as insurance, retirement plans and many others