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Resolve Your IRS Debt: Installment Agreements

As an alternative to the Offer in Compromise (OIC) program, if you find yourself with a tax debt to the IRS and/or the State of Vermont that you are unable to pay in full at one time, you might consider requesting a payment plan.   The IRS offers several types of payment plans, called Installment Agreements […]

Resolve Your IRS Debt: Offer in Compromise

If you find yourself with a tax debt to the IRS that you are unable to pay, one possible solution is the Offer in Compromise.  Under this program, the taxpayer submits an application, IRS Form 656, together with detailed financial information to the IRS.  The taxpayer offers to settle the outstanding debt for a lesser […]

Why Do Tax Payers Fall Behind

As practitioners of a full service tax resolution firm, we work with taxpayers who are behind on their taxes on a regular basis.  There are many reasons that taxpayers find themselves in this predicament. Some have life-changing events, some feel that they owe so much that they cannot deal with it, and some don’t worry […]

Best Ways to Settle Tax Debts

Settling your taxes is inevitable if you want a normal day to day life instead of living with a stressful burden. The most important action to take is  to file your returns even if you cannot pay. Doing this avoids the failure to file penalty which is quite steep. The second action to take is […]

Educational Achievement

M.S. Accounting In case you have wondered why I have been behind in my blog writing there is a very good reason.  I have been working on a M.S. Degree in Accounting at Scranton University! Last Friday I finished my course work for the degree.  The ceremony is in May of 2019!  I am looking forward to celebrating […]

Upcoming Tax Season

As the year draws to a close, now’s an excellent time to review your current tax planning strategies to ensure they’re still meeting your needs and develop plans for 2018. It’s also a good time to take advantage of last-minute planning opportunities that could save you money now and in the coming year. With all […]

Using QuickBooks for Restaurants

Whether you’re operating a food truck or running a white tablecloth establishment looking for its first Michelin star, chances are that business accounting is not among your favorite tasks.  To emphasize the importance of good accounting practices, a survey by found 70 percent of owners who received monthly financial statements were profitable. 75 percent […]

QuickBooks Software and Training at No Cost to You!

I am so excited to announce that I am now working as a QuickBooks and Accounting trainer at the Holistic School of Business! I accepted this position because it presents a truly outstanding opportunity for my clients to work with me at NO-COST! Please allow me to explain… You can apply for a $2,500 grant […]

Diana Sheltra Earns Elite Fellow Designation from NAEA

For Immediate Release Vermont Tax Practitioner Completes Rigorous National Tax Practice Institute™ Diana Sheltra, EA Earned Elite Designation Washington, DC – November 14, 2016, Diana Sheltra, EA, has earned the prestigious Fellow designation from the National Association of Enrolled Agents (NAEA) for completing the three levels of the National Tax Practice Institute (NTPI®). This achievement demonstrates […]

Improving Your Business Credit

Credit may be the lifeblood of small business, but it’s particularly vulnerable to toxins. And once you’re infected, those credit scores bring a triple-whammy of higher interest rates for loans or a possible loan denial, potential increases in insurance costs, and difficulty in securing favorable terms with suppliers. Vermont accounting firm at Sheltra Tax & Accounting, […]